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1 Name or Nickname you prefer: Katy
2 Location: Connecticut
3 Age: 16
4 Social status(1-5): 4
5 Do you admit to ever gossiping? Yes i sure do, i think everyone has.

6 If so, was it about a close friend? Yeah..

7 Did they find out about it, and if so, how did u handle it? Nope

8 Have you read any of the books in the gossip girl series, if so which ones, and what did you think of them? Yep all of em besides the latest one, I love every single one of them, i've even finished a few of 'em the first day i bought them bc they're so good! :P

9 Who would you say you were most like in the books(state if its personality wise, or physically)? That would be Serena personality wise b/c i don't really care what other people think of me and what i do. i usually just do my own thing and if people dont like it, then sucks for them.

10 Do you have many friends? Yeah, I suppose.
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