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blair_waldorf_2 Thanks for applying, you've been accepted as blair waldorf! Congrats, p.s. ur gorgeous, perfect for blair

<3 You know you love me
gossip girl
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Hey guys, I was just accepted into the club but i wanted to know how to fill out the survey thingy. sorry im new to the LJ thing..
Thanks a ton
<3 Julie
hey, to fill out the survey, just click on the little pencil thing on the communities user info nd just post the survey there by copy and pasting. Hope that helps!

<3 You know you love me
gossip girl
the pencil thingy wont show up, ive updated in other communities but for some reason it wont work here...:(
hmm..idk why it wont work, but i'll go check out my community settings, cuz i probably just messed up on something there


I've started a new roleplay community called _gossipsrp_ and ooc_gossipgirl, the two communities work hand in hand. However, the ooc is where you are out of character and discuss plotlines and such. If your interested, look at the information for the communities and apply!