~catherine alix~ (sirensong489) wrote in osolovableteens,
~catherine alix~

Hey, I didn't want to post this out because that's just dumb and unnessecary, but if you followed the cut, it means you almost kinda sorta care about what I think and what's behind my pretty doe eyes (that you can't see anyway because they're behind a computer screen, and they're not really all that special so you're not really missing out on anything and you don't care so I'll stop now) so this is all about me asking for more friends. I feel unloved because there are only so many people I know that actually have livejournals, and I love mine, so I want more friends that I don't really know and can get to know. I love meeting people, and if you post I will comment, so add me please <3and thank you

to mods: if you want this off, you can delete it, I respect that I'm using your community for something it's not supposed to be for and I'm sorry if you hate mt for it. Hope you can forgive me :-)

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