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1Name or Nickname you prefer: Aly
2Location: Canada
3Age: 19
4Social status(1-5): I don't understand the number system, but I'd say I'm middle upper class.

5Do you admit to ever gossiping? Sometimes. Its difficult not to where I work.
6If so, was it about a close friend? Mostly its just about the people I work with.
7Did they find out about it, and if so, how did u handle it? No. I'm sneaky like that ;p
8Have you read any of the books in the gossip girl series, if so which ones, and what did you think of them? I've read all of them and I love them all. I just can't get enough.
9Who would you say you were most like in the books(state if its personality wise, or physically)?
I'd say I'm a mix between Blair and Serena. Like Blair, I'm obsessed with Audrey Hepburn and idolize her. I'm also very crafty and you definatly don't want to get on my bad side. I have the long dark brown hair, and I'm quite slim like Blair (in the first three books, not so much now since shes cut all of her hair off) Like Serena, I'm always trying to have fun. I can find something fun to do wherever I am and I'm hardly bored.
10Do you have many friends?

11Please post a picture of yourself
This picture was taken during the summer when I had dyed my hair blonde.
I'm a brunette again now.
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