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*?~Are you a Gossip Girl~?*

<3 You know you love me <3

The Gossip Girls <3
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

1<3 All members must have filled out an application
2<3No comments on applications will be based on looks
3<3This is not a rating community, so please, no judging!
4<3 Please place applications under an lj cut titled "do you love me?"
5<3 Posting GG icons or banners is acceptable under lj cuts

Please fill out this application if you wish to join:
1Name or Nickname you prefer:
4Social status(1-5):
5Do you admit to ever gossiping?
6If so, was it about a close friend?
7Did they find out about it, and if so, how did u handle it?
8Have you read any of the books in the gossip girl series, if so which ones, and what did you think of them?
9Who would you say you were most like in the books(state if its personality wise, or physically)?
10Do you have many friends?
11Please post a picture of yourself

<3*Our Gossip Crew*<3
*GOSSIP GIRL: mellowmecurable
*Serena van der Woodsen: (apply for position)
*Blair Waldorf: blair_waldorf_2
*Jenny Humphrey: (apply for position)
*Kati Farkas: (apply for position)
*Isabel Coates: (apply for position)
*Vanessa Abrams: (apply for position)